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The plagiarism business through the looking glass Writing a university dissertation is, as every student knows, a labour of love. By hiring one of the growing number of companies that will supply anything from 1,000-word essays on the causes of the English Civil War to 10,000-word treatises on international marketing strategies. I've been keeping an eye on this business since I was flyered by one 'Oxbridge Essays' on campus about five years ago. At the time I was.

Essay Services Journalism today means having the ss to gather, write and present information across a variety of media platforms - newspapers and magazines, TV, radio, online and on social media. Essay Services writers2beware. DO NOT EVER USE OXBRIDGE ESSAYS! 2 3. Anyone used - thoughts?

Has anyone used Oxbridge- I started working for this company, but quit when I learned the inner workings of their business. Hi,Can anyone tell me if they have used Oxbridge or any of these other sites which they Has anyone used Oxbridge-

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