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<strong>Thesis</strong> Theme Video Tutorials – Learn How To <strong>Customize</strong>

Thesis Theme Video Tutorials – Learn How To Customize Lets face it sometimes you don’t want all of our posts to show on the homepage. These Thesis theme video tutorials take you from no knowledge of CSS and PHP. Anatomy of a Secondary WordPress Loop; Example #1 – Add a List of Post.

How To Add <b>Custom</b> <b>Post</b> Types to Author Archive Page -

How To Add Custom Post Types to Author Archive Page - We use custom post types on nearly every site we develop, from sliders to products, custom post types make it a lot easier to separate content so your client finds it easier to maintain their Word Press website. Learn how to add custom post types to your author archive pages in. creating a custom template or custom loop if you're using Thesis for the.

<b>Thesis</b> tutorial home page <b>loop</b> help - Art of

Thesis tutorial home page loop help - Art of The latest Thesis Theme (with Word Press 3.0 integration) isn’t out as of this writing. The ability to limit posts to a custom field will. by The Loop in Thesis, to use Custom Post.

How to Create <i>Custom</i> <i>Post</i> Types in WordPress -

How to Create Custom Post Types in WordPress - empty( wp_query- query_vars's' ) ) pagination'add_args' array( 's' get_query_var( 's' ) echo paginate_links( pagination ( click code to copy ) wordpress snippet : PHP. " a elseif(lastpage 5 (adjacents * 2) /enough pages to hide some /close to beginning; only hide later pages if(page 1 (adjacents * 2) for (counter 1; counter 4 (adjacents * 2 counter) if (counter page) pagination. Beginner's guide to custom post types in WordPress. loop queries in your templates, then here is how to do that Related What is a Loop. How can I see on the specific page theses Custom post types and taxonomies?

<b>Thesis</b> <b>Custom</b> <b>Loop</b> API - DIYthemes

Thesis Custom Loop API - DIYthemes In the latest release of the Thesis theme for Word Press a new feature for advanced theme customization was added ed the Thesis Custom Loop API. The Thesis Custom Loop API provides you with a simple way to serve custom. the default loop for category archive pages with a simple list of post links.

<b>Custom</b> <b>post</b> types in WordPress

Custom post types in WordPress COSCO Large White Blank Sn 19 W x 15 H Pack Of 3 at Office Depot Office Max. Php that has a separate loop and display the contents of the post type as Justin has. WordPress 3.0 custom post types, taxonomies & Thesis —.

Rockin' out WordPress <i>custom</i> <i>loops</i> -

Rockin' out WordPress custom loops - Easy Content Types make it extremely easy to add new custom post types to your Word Press site. Using the custom loop in Thesis is pretty. posts from a category ed “Featured” to the.

How to add <b>Custom</b> <b>Post</b> Types to <b>Thesis</b> 2.x - DIY WP

How to add Custom Post Types to Thesis 2.x - DIY WP While this works it really isn’t useful to have a paginated archive page is it? If you have worked with the Thesis Word Press Theme in the past you understand how easy it is to customize it via hooks, if you haven’t we recommend you take a second to read over Thesis Hooks for Dummies. Custom post types are nothing new in WordPress but since thesis 2.1. to coding custom loops but the Thesis 2.x query box takes away that.

How to use the <i>Custom</i> <i>Loop</i> API in the <i>Thesis</i> Theme for WordPress.

How to use the Custom Loop API in the Thesis Theme for WordPress. DOCOMOMO es la sla de Documentation and Conservation of buildings, sites and nehbourhoods of the Modern Movement y se corresponde con una organización internacional creada en 1990 con objetivo de inventariar, divulgar y proteger el patrimonio arquitectónico del Movimiento Moderno. I’ve written a follow-up to this article, Thesis Custom Loop Starter Template, which provides a complete custom loop. Treat custom post type or custom.

How to use the <strong>Custom</strong> <strong>Loop</strong> API in the <strong>Thesis</strong> Theme

How to use the Custom Loop API in the Thesis Theme For those of you using the Word Press Thesis theme (as this site is), you may be wondering how to properly implement Google Tag Manager. To explore the Thesis Custom Loop API we can use a simplified version. The theme file runs The Loop to convert the list of posts into HTML.

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