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How to use the <i>Custom</i> <i>Loop</i> API in the <i>Thesis</i> Theme

How to use the Custom Loop API in the Thesis Theme For instance take this site’s home page, we only wanted to show our most recent post . To explore the Thesis Custom Loop API we can use a simplified version. The theme file runs The Loop to convert the list of posts into HTML.

<b>Thesis</b> WordPress Theme Review - Take Two

Thesis WordPress Theme Review - Take Two That will make sure all normal posts as well as “wp_plugin_review” and “client” custom post types will show up on author archive pages. I’ve created sexy featured post sidebars utilizing Thesis, custom after post ads that change wording based on the category you’re in, created new.

<strong>Thesis</strong> How to Use <strong>Custom</strong> Templates With <strong>Custom</strong>

Thesis How to Use Custom Templates With Custom At the moment, the current drawback is that Thesis only allows you to add custom templates to page types (not post types). The latest Thesis Theme with WordPress 3.0 integration isn't out as of. this is a simple example, check wordpress codex for other loop API.

<i>Thesis</i> tutorial home page <i>loop</i> help - Art of

Thesis tutorial home page loop help - Art of The latest Thesis Theme (with Word Press 3.0 integration) isn’t out as of this writing. The ability to limit posts to a custom field will. by The Loop in Thesis, to use Custom Post.

<b>Custom</b> <b>post</b> types in WordPress

Custom post types in WordPress While this works it really isn’t useful to have a paginated archive page is it? If you have worked with the Thesis Word Press Theme in the past you understand how easy it is to customize it via hooks, if you haven’t we recommend you take a second to read over Thesis Hooks for Dummies. Php that has a separate loop and display the contents of the post type as Justin has. WordPress 3.0 custom post types, taxonomies & Thesis —.

How to add <strong>Custom</strong> <strong>Post</strong> Types to <strong>Thesis</strong> 2.x - DIY WP

How to add Custom Post Types to Thesis 2.x - DIY WP Lets face it sometimes you don’t want all of our posts to show on the homepage. Custom post types are nothing new in WordPress but since thesis 2.1. to coding custom loops but the Thesis 2.x query box takes away that.

<b>Thesis</b> Theme Video Tutorials – Learn How To <b>Customize</b>

Thesis Theme Video Tutorials – Learn How To Customize Reading), from all categories; a single post query contains only information for the post or page you are viewing; archive loops will have posts according to the kind of archive page you are on (category, tag, month etc). These Thesis theme video tutorials take you from no knowledge of CSS and PHP. Anatomy of a Secondary WordPress Loop; Example #1 – Add a List of Post.

Thesis custom post loop:

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